The Card Sort &
"What's on your list?" tool

Card Sort tool

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Card sorting is a fun and effective way to assess what topics are of greatest interest to clients. It begins when you give your client a set of cards. On each card is a common topic or concern specific to that mother. (For example, many pregnant women experience constipation or are concerned about weight gain, so those topics are printed, along with many others, on the card sort for pregnant women.) Parents are asked to quickly sort through the cards, grouping them into one of three piles: "not a problem," "sometimes a problem" and "always a problem." The sorting takes less than a minute. The nutritionist then reviews the "always a problem" pile, asking questions to determine which topics are of greatest interest or need, and focusing the conversation on those topics.

"What's on your list" tool

Watch the What's On Your List Video

Like the Card Sort tool, the "What's on your list" tool is an effective, quick way for clients to identify interests and concerns. The "What's on your list" tool can be given by the Program Assistant to clients when they check into their WIC appointments or by nutrition staff during their nutrition appointments. Clients are asked to identify topics of interest or concern. There are also places for them to identify unique concerns that aren't on the list.

Why the Card Sort and "What's on your list" is an effective tool:

  • WIC is a public health program. Card sort and "What's on your list" topics are common to most women during and after pregnancy and parents of children in the selected age groups. Both tools allow clients to identify personal interests quickly from a list of commonly discussed concerns.
  • There may betimes when parents have unique or uncommon interests or needs. Both tools features opportunities for parents to suggest topics that aren't included on the list or cards.
  • Clients can sort the cards or check list topics quickly without additional questions or conversation because they know what topics are of greatest need or interest to them.
  • Card Sorts and "What's on your list" tools are available for a wide variety of common WIC groups including pregnant women, breastfeeding women, non-breastfeeding women, infants 6-12 months, and children 1-2 and 2-5 years.